Practice, Practice, Practice

The adage 

' practice makes perfect ’

may be an old one, but the message it contains is as relevant today as it has ever been.  

We believe that there are no

short-cuts to long-term learning

and repetition is a proven way

to learn fundamental skills that

stay with you for a lifetime.

The digital and printable resources we offer for Key Stages 1&2, SATs Revision and the 11-plus Exams form part of an

instantly-deliverable, structured learning program that has the

3 P’s of success

(Practice, Practice, Practice)

at its core.


Available online and from Amazon

11 Plus Vocabulary Book 1 Practice book with assessment papers
11 Plus Vocabulary Book 2 Practice book with assessment papers

Free 11 Plus Practice Papers

11 plus VR and English Practice Paper 1
11 Plus Cloze Assessmnet Paper 1
11+ Practice Paper - Fractions revision
11+ Comprehension Paper 1

Antonyms, synonyms, cloze test, scrambled sentences,  break the code, spellings, punctuation, pattern of letters, homonyms.

E-paper - This cloze practice paper is designed to reflect the standard level of entry at 11+. 

This fractions revision pack 1 focuses on equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, adding & subtracting fractions and related word problems.

This classic fiction comprehension paper has been designed to give children an exposure to traditional literature and broader vocabulary.

Free Worksheet Packs KS1 & KS2

The Long a sound-Year 1 English
Missing numbers to 100  maths year 1
The j sound-year 2 english
Counting foward in 2s-maths year 2
Counting in 4s maths year 3

KS2 SATs Revision

Assessment Papers


Worksheet Packs

Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letter-Year3&4
Counting in 6s, 7sand 9s-maths year 4
Word endings spelt -cious or -tious year 5&6
Comparing and ordering numbers upto 1,000,000-Maths Year 5
Year 6 Arithmetic paper 1
Comparing and ordering numbers upto 10,000,000-Maths Year 6
Year 2 Comprehension

Free SATs Revision Practice Papers

SATs Revision KS2 Arithmetic Paper 1
SATs Spelling Revision Paper 1
SATs Revision KS2 Maths Reasoning Paper
SATs Revision Year6 Mental Math Paper 1
SATs Revision Comprehension Paper 1

Our statement “Empowering the roots to attain proficiency instinctively”.

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